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Be proactive, be efficient

Cut costs and resolve problems faster by detecting anomalies before they impact your business, providing IT professionals with an opportunity to exert greater influence on the business

Process Tracking

ATC identifies error sources, anomalies and delays in real-time. It even tracks processes across systems that are not integrated and helps in understanding how complex transaction behaviours and business performance are intimately related.

Anomalies Detection

ATC detects deviations between ‘as desired’ and ‘as is’ states thus discovering functional and technical anomalies and data inconsistency. AI algorithms discover where things are not going according to plan and show root-cause of anomalies.

Smart Notifications

ATC informs stakeholders relying on the predicted impact, so problems are identified immediately at the source, allowing the business users and the application support to take mitigation action and avoid any negative impact.

Application Traffic Control

Non intrusive. Highly secure. Short Time-To-Value.

Cloud service

Start working with ATC and gain value instantly. It runs natively in the cloud and doesn’t require infrastructure and implementation investments.


Non-intrusive and secure agents are connected to the business systems involved in the business process execution to collect events as the data moves along.

Secure data

Data isn’t removed or replicated. Only the progress against a process ‘flight plan’ is sent to ATC in the cloud.

Performs holistically

ATC tracks business processes across any applications, database, cloud or technology.

How does it work

ATC highlights and predicts mismatches in your business processes, usually invisible to monitoring systems, and helps resolve them automatically before they can harm your business


Any Industry.
Any Business Process.
One Solution.

Logistics & Shipping

Avoiding a repeat of Black Monday’s £8 million loss

COST to Business

A major retailer missed its deadline to implement its special offer pricing in time for Black Monday. Failing to identify and correct a system resulted in a loss of at least £8 million in revenue.

ATC solution

Processes that lead to special offer pricing are tracked and timed to ensure prices will always be available on time. Senior Management can rest easy knowing that their strategic pricing plans will be implemented every time.

How much time do you waste avoiding disastrous delivery failures?

COST to Business

Key milestones missed, and surprise delays/changes lead to expensive waste of resources, repeat deliveries and furious clients.

Ask yourself: What is the financial cost of each missed delivery because of a process failure or delay? How much time is wasted daily by staff having to repeatedly check what should be reliable systems?

ATC solution

The tracking of all key milestones that supports delivery processes, ensures that every part of that process is on schedule. Staff no longer check everything as they only deal with exceptions - saving time and eliminating mistakes.

Improved reliability and smoothness of operations are visible to clients; confidence soars as well as your reputation.

How many customers complained about a missed service?

COST to Business

Customers of the world’s largest telecommunications services operator controlled their services using a mobile app, but some of the changes were not executed. It caused a weekly revenue loss of tens of thousands of pounds and a bad customer experience.

ATC solution

Each milestone of customer contract change processing is tracked to ensure that every system gets accurate data in the proper sequence - automatically watching and timing for every step.

Technical support staff get notified about data flow anomalies and deal with them before a customer experience issue. They only deal with exceptions and no longer routinely check everything, saving on time and avoiding mistakes. Improved reliability and smooth operations are visible to clients.

Make production Stops & Stock-Outs a distant memory

COST to Business

Mitigating against stock-outs and production stops is extremely expensive: capital tied up, storage expenses and increased chance of stock obsolescence.

Just-in-time delivery and vendor-managed inventory can help (at extra cost), but they increase the need for 100% reliable process execution – across many departments, organisations and a myriad of systems.

ATC solution

ATC’s purpose is to add trust to every stage of your processes.

Tracking every step of every delivery in real-time, it flags the slightest delay or failure, so exceptions are handled immediately. Your supply process (& production) stay on track without the need for large stock holdings.

ATC’s unique ability to track within vendor systems unobtrusively, ensures all steps in your delivery process are visible.

Misrepresenting profits to the Inland Revenue put one CFO in prison

COST to Business

The weighted average cost (WAC) of fuel at retailer’s pumps was always wrong. This was because systems supporting fuel deliveries and WAC recalculation, consistently failed to keep to the schedule required.

Continual respective re-working and period-end panic in the Finance Department were required to avoid Tax Authority misrepresentation and the painful scrutiny that would follow.

ATC solution

Automatically making every lost or delayed transaction visible as they occur means WAC calculations are simple to rectify correctly. It also avoids incorrect calculations poisoning the data that then feeds the next recalculation.

Freeing up financial staff at their busiest time allows them to focus on other important needs at period end.

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